Bulletin #4807 13-08-2018

From the President’s Chair

The planning has started for the weekend of 24th/25th November. We will leave from Germany and go to India via Holland. Lots of things to find on the way, example – “you could stop off here and go fishing if you wanted to, but don’t waste time”.

Pleas see attached advertising sheet – the more people we get – the more fun we will have and more money we will raise. I am inviting other Armidale Clubs and people, also inviting the Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour Clubs to join us IN A ROTARY CELEBRATION AND PRIZE GIVING Saturday Evening, (and lunch and brunch) if they want. LET’S MAKE THIS A WEEKEND TO REMEMBER!

We will be looking to raise money and applying for a Grant for the Balitwegomba Complex Jinja Rotary Home for the Blind Children. They are in desperate need of most things including a Water Tank and Gutters (water harvest) and solar powered lighting for a start. They also need school resources, clothing and bedding.

I am still waiting for the hospital from up in far north Uganda to get back to me.

Lyn Bruce

What happened last week? – 06 August 2018

President Lyn opened the meeting and Rotary grace was said.

President Lyn then welcomed Bevan Quinlin who is Armidale AM selectee for GSE to District 1450 in Denmark to give a trial presentation of his GSE presentation and his partner Sarah. Exchange student Sophie was also welcomed and member Arthur Wooster was welcomed back after 9 weeks away having a total hip replacement.

Exchange Student Sophie from Switzerland then made a presentation to the club of a special bell (see photo).

President Lyn then surprised your Editor with presentation of a special certificate from the last changeover for his work with the Club Bulletin; and also a letter of thanks and Certificate of Appreciation and lapel badge from Australian Rotary health in recognition of a donation.

Brian Bremner spoke about the Rugby gates; none required this week; then circulated rosters for volunteers for the coming 2 weekends of Rugby finals.

Member Pia Walker reported that she had walked each day for 30 days with a dog to raise funds for Guide Dogs Charity and had now raised $500 – she then thanked some Rotarians who had helped in achieving the $500 target.

Heads & Tails

Marie gathered the coins and tossed them high and wide on 3 occasions so that they landed:- 2T; 2T and then T leaving Austin Tilbrook the chance to rendezvous in the car park for the chance to gather vino. As you no doubt can see it was indeed a tale of tails.


The inimitable Bob Franklin was Sergeant for the night and proceeded to systematically collect coinage from most of us for misdemeanors small, large or imagined.

Guest Speaker

Bevan Quinlin is the Creative Director at the Aboriginal Keeping Place is a selected member of the GSE team to Denmark. This team has a very short preparation time, needing to be at the District 1450 conference by this October, and so Bevan was keen to test deliver his presentation that is for use in Denmark.

Bevan and his partner Sarah have 2 children- daughter McKenna who is 2 years old and son Chae aged 8 months.

Born in Cairns north Queensland, Bevan is a descendent of the Tjapukai aboriginal nation in North Queensland on his mother’s side and the Dunghutti on his father’s side from the north coast of New South Wales. However he grew up and was educated in Armidale. Bevan showed a map of Australia outlining areas of Aboriginal Nations indicating there are 600 distinct tribes and 300 language dialects.

Tribes consist of from 5 to 12 family groups. The Aboriginal culture goes back at least 40,000 years. Many were hunter gatherers but some cultivated bush tucker. Bevan also touched on Dreamtime stories of which the most common relate to the Rainbow Serpent who created life, land forms and rivers. We saw pictures of a wide range of Bush Tucker.

Bevan is very proud of his culture and can play the Didgeridoo, and throw a returning Boomerang. He also creates contemporary Aboriginal Art, and makes traditional artefacts.

Bevan’s interests include; athletics, aboriginal culture, guitar playing, fitness, rugby league and he is keen on socialising. He understands the need for lifelong learning and ongoing professional development and believes this exchange will expand his knowledge and outlook on life.

Bevan is currently employed at the Armidale and Regional Culture Centre as the Producer, creating exhibitions and developing programs.

Bevan answered many questions by members on his culture and his forthcoming journey, before being thanked by Mick Duncan on behalf of the club.

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